Your Say 2012

What do we want to know?: 

This is a survey for children and young people living in Southend-on-Sea.  The survey aims to capture the views of children and young people on a variety of issues in the lives; community, school, safety, health, lifestyle and future plans.  There is a Primary School survey and a Year 7 and over survey with questions relevant to the different age groups.

The information gathered in the survey will be used by the Success for All Children Group, which comprises a range of key partners working across Southend, in identifying actions for the 2013/14 Southend Children and Young People's Plan.


Children and Young People are invited to participate in our online survey. 

Consultation fieldwork start date05 September 2012
Consultation fieldwork end date31 October 2012
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PeopleCivic Centre
01702 215007 Jenni NaishPartnership Manager