Cinder Path

What do we want to know?: 

This consultation is to help the Council's Ideas in Motion team to understand the views of local residents and anyone who uses the Cinder Path about the current use, issues and needs surrounding the Cinder Path. This consultation will help the Council's LSTF  infrastructure programme understand the motivations of current users, barriers to others, potential impact on the community, travel behaviours on the route and potential conflicts so as to develop relevant, effective and accessible improvements to the area.


There will be a route user intercept survey to speak directly to those currently using the route.

CCTV will be used to gather a snapshot of use of the Cinder Path. This will take place on the same days as the route user intercept survey.

Local residents and businesses as well as interest groups around disability, older people and young people will be consulted on proposed changes following the research.

Summary Of Results: The results are available on request from

Consultation fieldwork start date28 October 2012
Consultation fieldwork end date31 December 2012
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PlaceCivic Centre
01702 215000 Ashley DaltonIdeas in Motion External Funding and Community 215538