Consultation on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council's Environmental Enforcement Policy

What do we want to know?: 
The Council is revising its Environmental Enforcement Policy to ensure enforcement is consistent across front line services.   The Policy is also being revised to take into account organisational change.
The policy sets out a robust and consistent approach to tackling local environmental quality issues across the borough. The policy is also in line with borough-wide priorities concerning tackling inequalities, improving highway infrastructure and public spaces and improving the quality of life for everyone in the borough. Enforcement work can, and in some cases will, extend beyond public land onto adjacent, private land when necessary.
The aim of the policy is to improve the local environmental quality by reducing environmental crime across the borough and protect the highway infrastructure.
Description: To inform the process on this revision the Council is seeking your views by completing the attached questionnaire.

Consultation fieldwork start date09 May 2013
Consultation fieldwork end date07 June 2013
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PlaceCivic Centre
01702 215000 Imran KazalbashTeam Leader Waste 534336