Formal Consultation Proposals for Delaware House and Priory House

What do we want to know?: 

The Council is commencing formal consultation on the 4 options set out in the consultation document for Delaware House and Priory House:

Option 1 - Continue As Now
Option 2 - Alternative Ownership
Option 3 - Modernisation and Re-provision using 3rd Party Funding
Option 4 - The closure of 1 or Both Homes


Please provide your views using the online survey.  Alternatively you can request a paper copy of the survey from:

Wendy Ives
Project Support Senior Team Clerk
Southend Borough Council
4th Floor Civic Centre
Victoria Avenue

Public Meetings will also be taking place on Tuesday 2nd July, 6.30pm and Tuesday 6th August, 6.30pm at the Civic Centre, Committee Room 10.

Consultation fieldwork start date03 June 2013
Consultation fieldwork end date01 September 2013
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PeopleCivic Centre
01702 215007 Wendy 534609