Shoebury Park Consultation

What do we want to know?: 

How could Shoebury Park be improved?  The Council has received some funding to refurbish the park and we want to hear your views.

What do you think of the current facilities at Shoebury Park?  What improvements would you like to see made?  Please let us know what is important to you by completing the questionnaire.


You can tell us what you think by completing the online questionnaire. 

In addition, to help inspire and gain feedback from people we will be hosting two workshops in the park between July and September 2013.  Workshop dates will be advertised in the park and on the Council's website.

Once we have completed the consultation, we will use the ideas to shape the refurbishment.  Any improvements should be completed by Spring 2015.

Some aspects of the park will automatically be considered as part of the refurbishment works, these are: bins, dog bins, fencing around the park and signage.

Consultation fieldwork start date08 July 2013
Consultation fieldwork end date30 September 2013
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PlaceCivic Centre
01702 215000 Amanda 215000