Coastal Defences- Local flood risk and surface water management strategies and plans

What do we want to know?: Southend-on-Sea Borough Council  needs to understand the views of residents & businesses, stakeholders including the emergency services, Parks, Highways and Planning departments, elected members and Equality Analysis impacted groups concerning the range of sources of surface water flooding, & possible means of mitigating the effects of such flooding, which may exist.  This is to confirm whether the widest possible range of such issues has been considered in its draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, as required under the Floods and Water Management Act, 2010.

This is an online survey only. If you would like to access a hard copy please contact

Any appropriate amendments resulting from this consultation will be incorporated into the dual purpose document approved by Council and submitted to the Environment Agency by late September 2015.

Read the Local food risk strategy documents HERE.

Summary Of Results: Results were collated and reported in a cabinet report for councillors to consider when making decisions about policy. Feedback to respondees is currently being prepared. The consultation is now closed. Further information available from

Consultation fieldwork start date14 August 2015
Consultation fieldwork end date14 September 2015
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