Consultation on the Pollinator Strategy 2016-2020

What do we want to know?: 

There are so many plants across the town, in fields, parks, gardens and natural open spaces; we often take them for granted.

However, they could not flourish without their pollen being spread by bees and hundreds of species of other insects – hoverflies, wasps, moths, beetles and butterflies.

Without pollinating insects not only would the environment be a much drabber place, food production and the economy would also be seriously damaged.

This strategy sets out the Council's approach to help promote the conservation of pollinators with in the borough.


Description: Please let us know your comments on the Pollinator Strategy.
Summary Of Results: 

The majority of respondents to the pollinator strategy consultation strongly agreed that Southend should adopt the Government’s vision for delivering across the four keys areas of supporting pollinators across town and countryside; raising awareness of pollinators; enhancing the response to pest and disease risks; and improving evidence of the state of pollinators and the services they provide.

The majority of respondents also agreed with the Council’s proposed outcomes of more, bigger, better, joined-up, diverse and high quality flower-rich habitats; enhanced awareness across the borough; healthy bees and other pollinators which are more resilient to climate change and severe weather events; and evidence of actions taken to support pollinators.

The next steps will be to implement the strategy across the borough.

Consultation fieldwork start date27 June 2016
Consultation fieldwork end date28 August 2016
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