Ambitions (Education)

What do we want to know?: 

Purpose of this consultation          

This consultation document is unique for us; no other similar document exists in Southend. Its single intention is to set out, clearly, unambiguously and measurably what Southend Borough Council set out to achieve for learners and for families attending schools in Southend.

Statutory duties places upon Southend Borough Council

The government places a range of duties upon Local Authorities for all schools and pupils. These relate broadly to:

  • Making sure there are sufficient good school places for learners in Southend when and where they are needed;
  • Making sure children are safe at school;
  • Ensuring that where they have special education needs these are identified and met.

In addition, the Council and the Academy Trusts share the responsibility for ensuring that the quality of education provided is good.

This ambition sets out what it is that Southend Borough Council seeks to achieve for all children, young people and their families in Southend schools and settings. Our ambitions can only be achieved by working in close partnership with families and with schools, who work directly with children.

In the final published document, each section repeats one of the ambitions, then sets out what we commit to in the form of measurable outcomes; what we ask from you in return; and then what it is the service actually provides for you, and what we hope to do differently over the next few years. Each section ends with a contact name. The document will eventually be professionally produced.


The consultation asks a series of questions that will help us to understand how much you agree with the ambitions and your views if you do not agree.

Consultation fieldwork start date13 October 2016
Consultation fieldwork end date31 October 2016
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PeopleCivic Centre
01702 215007 Jenni NaishPartnership Manager