Consultation for changes made to Council Tax Reduction scheme 2018

What do we want to know?: 

Anyone who has to pay council tax in Southend-on-Sea can apply for council tax reduction. How much you receive depends on your age, income and circumstances.

Please note that those who have reached pensionable age will receive council tax reduction and they are protected from the restrictions applied both under the current and the proposed changes to the scheme for 2018. Find out when you will be considered to be of pensionable age at

We are now in the fourth year of the Southend-on-Sea council tax reduction scheme, therefore a review is needed to ensure the scheme continues to contribute to delivering the council’s budget and also that it:

  • remains fair to residents
  • continues to support vulnerable people
  • encourages those who can work to do so, or to increase their hours and/or pay to reduce welfare dependency.

Please give your comments on the suggested proposals by clicking on the link in the Quick Links section below.

Consultation fieldwork start date24 July 2017
Consultation fieldwork end date17 September 2017
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Department of the Chief ExecutiveCivic Centre
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