Shoreline Strategy

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Shoreline Strategy Consultation

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council is consulting on the Southend-on-Sea Shoreline Strategy. This will outline Southend-on-Sea Borough Council’s proposed approach to managing the risk of tidal flooding and the erosion of our shoreline over the next 100 years. Sea levels are set to rise over the next hundred years, increasing risk of flooding and coastal erosion.

The Council has a duty to protect local people and properties by managing these risks effectively. At the same time, it has a responsibility to protect the environment and the unique habitats along our shoreline and consider the impact that building sea defences may have on these. We cannot eliminate these risks of flooding and erosion entirely. However, we can reduce their impact by working with others and preparing for them.

We are developing the Shoreline Strategy with other organisations that share an interest in our coastline. These include Natural England and the Environment Agency. But we also want interested local residents, businesses and community groups to help shape the Shoreline Strategy so that the approach we adopt is widely understood and jointly supported.


We are asking for views about the five Key areas and the options shortlisted:

  • What area is of most importance to you and why
  • Do you consider that the options being considered are the most appropriate
  • How you perceive and use the foreshore
  • Any issues or views you have on the existing coastline

Consultation fieldwork start date21 August 2017
Consultation fieldwork end date14 October 2017
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