Admission and Catchment Arrangement from September 2019

What do we want to know?: 

Proposal to change some primary school catchment areas in the Leigh-on-Sea area and to change admission arrangements for community schools.

The Council, as the admission authority, has the duty to consult on and determine the admission arrangements for 2019 for all community schools. The Council is not the admission authority for all other types of school (voluntary aided, foundation, academy, free schools).

The proposed arrangements intend to clearly and transparently lay out the admissions arrangements for all community schools in the borough of Southend-on-Sea. The Council has also worked closely with Blenheim Primary, Darlinghurst Academy, Eastwood Primary and West Leigh Junior School, where there are changes proposed to neighbouring catchment areas.

The Council has produced this consultation document to seek your views on the proposal to change the catchment areas and admission criteria of a number of primary schools within the Borough with effect from the September 2019 round of admissions.  The main catchment areas under review are Leigh-on-Sea, Chalkwell and Eastwood.


Your feedback, supporting or objecting to the proposals is vital in formulating catchment areas and admission arrangements that are clear, fair and reasonable.

Summary Of Results: 

The data shows that there is no longer a compelling argument for changing catchment areas south of the London Road (West Leigh/Leigh North Street/Chalkwell Hall infant and junior).

Cabinet councillors will also be asked to agree oversubscription criteria for community schools, and a small change to the catchment area of Fairways Primary School at the council's cabinet meeting on 29 January.

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Consultation fieldwork start date06 November 2017
Consultation fieldwork end date15 December 2017
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