Air Quality Action Plan

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Air Quality Action Plan

Taking action to improve air quality is crucial in order to improve the health of the population. There is growing evidence that air pollution is a significant contributor to preventable ill health and early death. These health impacts impose a cost on the economy estimated to run into billions. It is a statutory duty for the Council to develop an Air Quality Action Plan.

In Southend the primary source of air pollution is road traffic and we have assessed the contribution each category of vehicle type makes to the overall pollution burden. Data from source apportionment analyses confirm that diesel vehicles are the main contributor of pollution on roads in and adjacent to the Borough.



The emphasis of the plan is to firstly, develop measures that will provide the necessary emissions reductions to achieve the air quality objectives within specified timescales, and, secondly, to act as a live document which can be continually reviewed and developed to ensure current measures are progressing and new measures are brought forward.

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