Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Social Housing Allocations Policy review

Why are we reviewing our Allocations Policy?

Over the summer of 2018 we had conversations with local residents to understand what kind of place they want Southend to be. These conversations lead to a new Southend 2050 vision for the borough, including a specific focus on keeping our residents safe and well; ensuring people have homes that meet their needs, protecting and improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable in our community and remaining well enough to enjoy living fulfilling lives.  Creating Opportunity and Prosperity, including ensuring our children are school and life ready is another of the key Southend 2050 themes we are now working towards.   We recognise the crucial role that housing plays in creating opportunities to thrive and keep safe and well, and therefore we now need to consider how best we can allocate our limited supply of social housing stock.

Whilst social housing offers an affordable option for low income households to keep safe and well, it is in short supply and therefore we have to prioritise those the law, and the Council considers are in greatest housing need (whilst also looking at ways we can increase the supply of locally affordable housing).

In this first phase of consultation, we would like to capture your views around key areas of Allocations Policy and Procedure, including:

  • Our mechanism for allocating social housing/the level of choice we give to housing applicants
  • The level of priority awarded to specific groups
  • Local connection criteria
  • Experiences of the application and allocations process.

The survey will close on the 25th March 2019. 

What will happen with the results of this survey?

 The consultation responses will be considered alongside Southend 2050 outcomes, legislation, best practice, equalities considerations and data insights, and used to develop a draft new Allocations Policy which will be considered at the Council's Cabinet meeting in June.

Following cabinet, a second phase of consultation on the policy document itself will commence, before the new policy is adopted and implemented.

Can people complete this survey if they do not have internet access?

Free internet access is available at the borough’s libraries and also on the ground floor of the Civic Centre and free wifi access is available in Southend town Centre, Central seafront, Hamlet Court Road and Leigh Broadway. 

If an individual requires a paper version of the survey, requires the survey in alternate formats, or would like to do the survey by phone, please contact the Housing Solutions team on 01702 215002.

Where can I find the council’s current allocations policy?

Our current allocations policy and a summary guide can be found here.