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Air Quality Action Plan

Taking action to improve air quality is crucial in order to improve the health of the population. There is growing evidence that air pollution is a significant contributor to preventable ill health and early death. These health impacts impose a cost on the economy estimated to run into billions. It is a statutory duty for the Council to develop an Air Quality Action Plan.

In Southend the primary source of air pollution is road traffic and we have assessed the contribution each category of vehicle type makes to the overall pollution burden. Data from source apportionment analyses confirm that diesel vehicles are the main contributor of pollution on roads in and adjacent to the Borough.


Start: 27 Oct 2017
Ends: 26 Jan 2018
Why do we want your views?

The skills and labour market support system is well developed in Southend-on-Sea. The key institutions and partnerships are illustrated in the document.

These include:

  • primary, junior and secondary schools,
  • FE colleges,
  • universities,
  • the South East LEP,
  • the Opportunity South Essex (OSE) Partnership and
  • the Southend Business Partnership (SBP).

Many local businesses are also important providers of skills development activity in the borough.

The paper seeks to analyse and draw together key findings from the research to identify key priorities to improve the local skills system. The paper has been informed by findings from an evidence review and series of initial consultation meetings. It forms an important part of the ongoing consultation process.

Start: 02 Oct 2017
Ends: 22 Dec 2017
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