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The Planning department run a variety of different consultations which can be quite specific and complex. They therefore have their own planning consultation portal which you can search for all planning consultations. Go to the Planning consultation portal.

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Why do we want your views?

Between the 10th September and 10th October 2018 Veolia, our recycling, waste and cleansing contractor, will be running a Customer Satisfaction Survey.

During the survey 35,000 randomly selected properties across Southend-on-Sea will receive a paper survey form that can be completed and returned in a freepost envelope. There is also an online version of the survey available which can completed by any resident who wants to give their views. 

The results of the survey and feedback received will be used by Veolia to see how they could improve the services that they provide.

Start: 10 Sep 2018
Ends: 10 Oct 2018
Why do we want your views?

The Council undertook a consultation in 2016 on what people would like to see in Shoebury Common North. The results of this consultation showed that people would like a children’s play area on the green space. The council has allocated funding to enhance Shoebury Common North and deliver some of the facilities including a childrens play area. Therefore we are seeking views on the types of play activities people would to see in a new play area for children under 14.

Start: 03 Sep 2018
Ends: 19 Oct 2018
Why do we want your views?

Southend is a healthy place to live and work, but as in all large towns and cities emissions from cars, vans, buses and heavy goods vehicles lead to poor air quality.

In November 2016 the Council formally declared its first Air Quality Management Area at the A127 Bell Junction. This led to the development of an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) proposing a number of measures with the potential to improve local air quality. The plan was given Corporate Priority status (Action Code 1718 Place PPC03).

A key priority of the AQAP is to develop and implement a Low Emission Strategy (LES). This LES will provide a comprehensive plan detailing mechanisms for reducing road transport emissions in the Borough from 2018 to 2021 and should be read in conjunction with and as a part of the AQAP.

There is significant growth planned for the Borough over the coming years which will increase potential demand for travel and consequently affect emissions.

The Council has developed the strategy to tackle road transport related pollution and improve health outcomes. It will achieve this through implementing innovative policies and measures that seek to reduce vehicle emissions by helping to accelerate the uptake of cleaner fuels and technologies. It is believed that this approach will also reduce vehicle emissions of Carbon and noise.  In addition to the AQAP, the strategy supports and compliments other key Council strategies such as the Low Carbon Energy and Sustainability Strategy 2015 - 2010 (LCESS), Local Transport Plan (LTP3) and the Local Plan.

Start: 20 Aug 2018
Ends: 05 Oct 2018
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